Antifa Couple Indicted for Throwing Explosive Fireworks at Police

Article Source: YourErie.com

Article Source: YourErie.com

An Antifa member carries a flag during a protest via Shutterstock
  • Brian DiPippa and his wife, Krystal DiPippa, from Pittsburgh, Penn., have been indicted on charges of conspiracy and obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder.
  • The indictment states that on April 18, 2023, the DiPippas participated in a protest at the University of Pittsburgh campus, where Brian DiPippa allegedly ignited and dropped two homemade smoke bomb containers and threw a large explosive firework at police officers, causing injuries.
  • Brian DiPippa was also charged with using an explosive to commit a federal felony.
  • The couple has a history of far-left extremism and was federally indicted for their involvement in Antifa explosive attacks at the event.  Read More

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