Chinese Balloon Used American Tech to Spy on US

The NY Post
Article Source: The NY Post

Article Source: The NY Post

U.S. Air Force pilot looks down at the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon as it hovered over Central Continental U.S., February 3 - U.S. Department of Defense/Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
  • A federal investigation has found that China used American technology in a spy balloon that conducted surveillance on U.S. military bases earlier this year.
  • The balloon carried a combination of commercial products, including some available online, as well as specialized Chinese sensors and equipment for capturing photos, videos, and other information to transmit to Beijing.
  • While the Defense Department believes the spy balloon did not collect data while flying over U.S. territory, the debris collected from the balloon’s remnants included various components, including sensors, solar panels, and devices for capturing imagery and radar data.  Read More

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