Michigan Man Arrested for Planning Mass Shooting Plot

ABC News
Article Source: ABC News

Article Source: ABC News

Seann Pietila, 19 - via ABC7 screenshot
  • Seann Pietila, 19, of Pickford, Mich., was arrested by the FBI for allegedly stockpiling weapons and planning a mass shooting.
  • The suspect expressed explicit neo-Nazi and antisemitic ideologies online and had communicated with another user on Instagram who shared similar views. During a search of the suspect’s home, authorities found weapons, a Nazi flag, a ghillie suit, gas masks, and military sniper/survival manuals.
  • A message found on the suspect’s phone identified a synagogue in East Lansing, a date, and a list of equipment, suggesting a potential attack plan.
  • The suspect faces charges for transmitting a communication containing a threat to injure another and is awaiting a detention hearing. Read More

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