Russian Accounts Spread Disinformation on TikTok

Dialogo Americas
Article Source: Dialogo Americas

Article Source: Dialogo Americas

TikTok restricted Russion users in March 2022 due to a change in a law that threatened prison sentences for statements that differ from the official account of the war in Ukraine - Stringer/picture alliance via Getty Images
  • According to an analysis by the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), Kremlin-funded media outlets have been using TikTok to spread disinformation, pro-Russian propaganda, and false claims about the invasion of Ukraine.
  • The ASD identified a network of 78 TikTok accounts linked to Kremlin-funded outlets, with 44 of them actively spreading propaganda in 2023. Some accounts have millions of followers, surpassing independent news networks.
  • Despite the labeling of content from Russian site RT en Español as potentially fake news, it has a high reach and interaction on TikTok. The platform appears to do little to restrict Kremlin-funded propaganda, according to the report. Read More

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