Jihadi Saudi National Not Competent to Stand Trial

Lehigh Valley Live
Article Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Article Source: Lehigh Valley Live

Mugshot of Bader Alzahrani - mconnors (morguefile.com/p/7298) via Daily Voice Essex screenshot
  • A Saudi national, Bader Alzahrani, accused of stealing a school bus in New Jersey and driving it to Pennsylvania, has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.
  • Alzahrani is facing charges in federal court for receiving and transporting a stolen vehicle, as well as charges in New Jersey court for motor vehicle theft, burglary, and other offenses.
  • According to federal officials, Alzahrani left behind journals containing writings about jihad and a variety of threats against Jews and police officers.
  • Based on a sealed psychiatric report, a federal judge determined that Alzahrani has a mental disease or defect that prevents him from understanding court proceedings and participating in his defense. Read More

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