LGBT Activists Arrested at Pride Festival

The Post Millennial
Article Source: The Post Millennial

Article Source: The Post Millennial

  • LGBT activist Hunter Lee Darling, also known as Zodiac Rose, and Abby Nicole Thomas were arrested at the WeHo Pride festival. Darling was charged with robbery, vandalism, and battery for an incident in April.
  • Twitter footage shows Darling and Thomas claiming they were arrested because of police homophobia, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s statement states that Darling had a warrant out for his arrest related to a cell phone robbery during a protest in April.
  • Darling was arrested during a Pride Weekend event, while Thomas was arrested for interfering with the arrest. A video emerged showing Darling allegedly stealing a man’s phone at a Drag Queen Story hour event in April.
  • Darling remains in custody with bail set at $100,000, while Thomas was released. Read More

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