Former Journalist Not Fit to Stand Trial

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Article Source: Koin 6

Article Source: Koin 6

Michael Bivins in his first court appearance related to vandalism at synagogues and arson at a mosque in Portland, May 9, 2022, via KOIN screenshot
  • Former freelance journalist Michael Bivins, accused of targeting religious institutions in Portland, Ore., in 2022, has been deemed unfit to stand trial.
  • Bivins faced charges related to vandalism at Congregation Shir Tikvah and Congregation Beth Israel, as well as an arson at the Muslim Community Center. He was also charged with five bias crimes.
  • Mental evaluations conducted since June resulted in a recent court order declaring him unfit to proceed. He has been ordered to the Oregon State Hospital.
  • Prior to his arrest, Bivins worked as a freelance journalist, focusing on political extremism. He had recently become homeless and was sleeping on the streets most nights. Read More

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