New Documents Show Qatar Granted Millions to Texas A&M

Judicial Watch
Article Source: Judicial Watch

Article Source: Judicial Watch

  • The organization Judicial Watch obtained records from Texas A&M revealing it received almost $486 million in grants and contracts from the Qatar Foundation, raising questions about Qatari funding of American institutions.
  • The information was released in a court victory obtained by Zachor Legal Institute, an advocacy group fighting antisemitism, which sought information about potential influence by the Qatar government’s funding of certain Texas A&M University programs.
  • The case was resolved in favor of Judicial Watch and Zachor Legal Institute in March 2023, with the documents being ordered to be made public by Judge Amy Clark Meachum.
  • There appear to be discrepancies between what Texas A&M reported to the federal foreign gift reporting system and what was listed in their gift reporting received by Judicial Watch.
  • The litigation also aimed to shed light on how Texas A&M established a degree-conferring campus in Qatar without the Texas Legislature’s permission or involvement. Read More

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