Former Neo-Nazi Pleads Guilty to Murdering Roommates After They Disrespected Islam

Fox 13 News Tampa Bay
Article Source: Fox 13 News Tampa Bay

Article Source: Fox 13 News Tampa Bay

Devon Arthurs - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
  • Tampa man Devon Arthurs pleaded guilty to killing his roommates six years ago, reducing the first-degree murder charges to second-degree.
  • Arthurs will serve a total of 45 years in prison and 15 years of probation when released, and undergo a psychological evaluation after serving his prison time.
  • Arthurs told police he and his roommates were neo-Nazi believers, but he converted to the Muslim faith and turned on his roommates after they disrespected his new religion.
  • Arthurs’ attorneys plan to use the insanity defense, stating he knew what he was doing, but didn’t know it was wrong because he suffered from a mental disease. Read More

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