GDL Member Arrested in Poland

Article Source: Inewsource.org

Article Source: Inewsource.org

GDL leaders Robert Wilson, left, and Jon Minadeo holding signs outside the Auschwitz Memorial in Poland went viral on social media in August 2022 - via inewsource screenshot
  • Robert Wilson, a known neo-Nazi and former San Diego County resident, has been arrested in Poland on suspicion of projecting an antisemitic message on the Anne Frank House.
  • The laser projection appeared on the former home of Anne Frank claiming her diary was a hoax. It gained international attention and condemnation.
  • Wilson is a public-facing figure of the Goyim Defense League, a network of individuals in the U.S. who spread antisemitic and white supremacist messages online and in person through flyer distributions, street demonstrations and banner drops. Read More

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