Two Arrested for Operating Police Station of the Chinese Government in Manhattan

U.S. Dept. of Justice
Article Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice

Article Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice

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  • Two defendants were charged in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y., for opening and operating an illegal overseas police station in lower Manhattan for a provincial branch of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • The defendants, Harry Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping, were charged with conspiring to act as agents of the PRC government and obstructing justice by destroying evidence of their communications with an MPS official.
  • The defendants were tasked with carrying out various activities to assist the PRC government’s repressive activities on U.S. soil, including locating a Chinese dissident living in the U.S. and causing a purported PRC fugitive to return to the PRC.
  • If convicted, the defendants face a maximum sentence of five years in prison for conspiring to act as PRC agents and 20 years in prison for obstruction of justice. Read More

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