ISIS Matchmaker Sentenced

The New York Times
Article Source: The New York Times

Article Source: The New York Times

ISIS matchmaker Abdullah el-Faisal - Shutterstock via The National screenshot
  • Trevor William Forrest a.k.a Abdullah el-Faisal, 59, a Jamaican preacher, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for conspiracy and supporting terrorism after helping ISIS by praising its ideology in lectures, publishing propaganda online, and acting as a marriage broker for its fighters.
  • The investigation into Faisal began in 2016 when a male detective sent him an email claiming to be a 24-year-old Turkish-American woman from Long Island named Rojin Ahmed.
  • During Faisal’s trial, prosecutors played lectures in which he called for violence and promoted ISIS, and presented emails in which he gave out phone numbers to contact the group. Read More

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