BLM Fire Bomber/Ivy League Lawyer Sentenced

Yahoo News
Article Source: Yahoo News

Article Source: Yahoo News

NYPD van burning, George Floyd riot May 30, 2020 in New York City. Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
  • A federal judge sentenced Colinford Mattis, 35, to 12 months in prison, one year of probation, and a fine of $30,000.
  • Mattis and co-conspirator Urooj Rahman, who are both lawyers, were charged for throwing a Molotov cocktail at a New York City police car during protests over George Floyd’s death in May 2020 and faced up to 45 years in prison. After the new administration took office, they were offered a generous plea agreement.
  • Mattis went to a prestigious boarding school and Princeton University and received a law degree from New York University.  The Judge told Mattis, “You’re not one of the oppressed. Youre one of the privileged.” 
  • The two have been been described in the media as “terrorists,” “civil-rights heroes,” “woke lawyers,” and “victims of deeply ingrained injustices,”  depending on the media outlet. Read More

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