A String of Attacks on Power Stations Has Authorities Worried

Time Magazine
Article Source: Time Magazine

Article Source: Time Magazine

LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images
  • Attacks and suspicious activity at U.S. power stations reached a decade-long high last year, when 107 substations were attacked in the first eight months alone.
  • Each such attack can leave tens of thousands of people without power, and the damage can take many weeks or months to repair.
  • In a recent attack, the MGM Resorts Mega Array project in North Las Vegas, the main source of solar power for all of the company’s 13 Las Vegas casino resorts, was attacked by Mohammed Mesmarian.  Authorities say it may take two years to fully repair the damage.
  • Officials are saying the rise in incidents suggests the perpetrators may be drawing inspiration from each another. Read More

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