Pro-Choicers Vandalize Michigan Church

Fox News
Article Source: Fox News

Article Source: Fox News

John Rudoff/AFP Getty Images
  • Security footage shows three vandals dressed in black approaching the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, Mich. and scribbling slogans in red paint on the sidewalk. The vandals wrote phrases such as “abort the court” and “death to Christian nationals.”
  • The pro-choice group Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for at least 18 arson and vandalism attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and other faith-based organizations throughout the U.S. since May.
  • So far, no arrests have been made for any of these attacks.
  • More than 100 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), pro-life organizations and churches have been attacked since the May 2 leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion which overturned Roe v. Wade. Read More

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