Terrorist-Affiliated Groups Stage Protest in New York

Clarion Project
Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

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Islamist Extremism

Terrorist-Affiliated Groups Stage Protest in New York

  • Several anti-Israel organizations staged a protest in front of Israel’s consulate and Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Midtown Manhattan, calling for “resistance and liberation by any means necessary.”
  • Groups that include Within Our Lifetime, Palestinian Youth Movement and Samidoun, among others, organized the rally.
  • Samidoun is affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)—a U.S.-designated foreign terror group. Read More
  • See The Clarion Project’s special report on the PFLP’s use of groups like Samidoun to operate and raise money in America & Europe.

Exclusive: Clarion Reports ISIS Activists to Police

  • The Clarion Intelligence Network has recently identified several supporters of the terrorist group ISIS and has reported them to our law enforcement partners.
  • Clarion has recently uncovered an ISIS supporter living in Detroit who was calling for death to ISIS’s enemies.
  • Help us identify and track more extremists on American soil. Donate Here

Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism

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Proud Boy Under Investigation for Threatening FBI

  • Barry Bennett Ramey, 38, was arrested after allegedly making a threatening call to an FBI special agent while he was under investigation for his activities during the January 6 Capitol riot.
  • Ramey, a Florida Proud Boys member, is accused of pepper spraying a police officer during the Capitol riot.
  • Ramey now faces additional charges including obstructing law enforcement. Read More

Eco-Terrorist Pleads Guilty to Arson

  • Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, 53, a member of the environmental extremist group the Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and arson in the District of Oregon.
  • Since 1996, Dibee conspired with at least 15 other individuals, known as “the Family,” to damage or destroy various commercial and government-owned properties. The Family has been linked to more than 40 criminal acts between 1995 and 2001 and caused more than $45 million in damages.
  • Dibee fled the United States in December 2005. In late summer 2018, Cuban authorities arrested Dibee on an Interpol Red Notice. Read More

More News From the Alt-Right

  • Newly released text messages from the far-right group Oath Keepers show a series of exchanges between members about how to best protect specific Trump allies during the Jan. 6th capitol riot. Read More

More News From the Alt-Left

  • Prosecutors dropped the felony case against a Memphis BLM founder, Pamela Moses, who was convicted of voter fraud in 2019. Read More
  • Dartmouth billed college republican group $3,600 for security after the university forced an event featuring journalist Andy Ngo to take place online following leftwing activists threats. Read More

Hate Crimes

Anti-Defamation League

Antisemitic Attacks in US Spike 34% in 2021, Setting New Record

  • In its annual audit, The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tabulated 2,717 antisemitic incidents throughout the United States, a 34 percent increase over 2020 and the highest number on record since ADL began tracking antisemitic incidents in 1979.
  • Antisemitic assaults were up 167 percent in 2021 compared to 2020. Read More

Man Charged in Series of Antisemitic Attacks

  • N.J. resident Dion Marsh, 27, was charged with federal hate crimes for a series of violent assaults on members of the Orthodox Jewish community in and around Lakewood, N.J. Read More

Hostile Foreign Influence Operations

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US Government Confirms North Korea Cryptocurrency Theft

  • The FBI and U.S. Treasury Department have tied the North Korean hacking groups Lazarus and APT38 to the theft of more than $600 million in cryptocurrency. Read More

DOJ Charges 3 Individuals Running a Russian Disinformation Network

  • The Department of Justice charged a high-ranking Russian legislator and two of his staffers with running a scheme to influence U.S. officials by peddling disinformation. Read More

42 on Terror Watch List Caught Trying to Enter US Since January

  • According to federal data, 42 people on the U.S. government’s terror watch list have been arrested since January 2021 for attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.
  • Over half of the arrests were made specifically between ports of entry at the southern border.
  • There is concern over the 10’s of thousands of illegal immigrants who made it over the border without being detected and how many of them may be on the terror watch list. Read More