Amazing interview with a Jewish (former) neo-Nazi

Clarion Project
Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

This video shares the incredible story of a Jewsh man in Florida who was recruited into a violent neo-Nazi group.

  • How he was recruited,
  • How he rose through the ranks of the neo-Nazis, 
  • How they hunted and nearly murdered him when they found out he was Jewish, 
  • How he was miraculously saved, and 
  • How he became an activist fighting extremism, moved to Israel, and was a candidate for the Israeli Knesset.

Along the way, the video explores important insights into

  • How extremist groups attract new recruits through the use of memes
  • How normal people in normal families can be recruited to extremist groups
  • How they are nurtured and motivated to commit acts of violence, and
  • Other techniques used by neo-Nazis and other extremists to help radicalize their followers