Muslim Doctor on Trial for FGM is Part of Secret Network

Clarion Project
Article Source: Clarion Project

Article Source: Clarion Project

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Islamist & Anti-Muslim Extremism 

Muslim Doctor on Trial for FGM is Part of Secret Network

  • In Michigan, prosecutors said that a female Muslim doctor facing a charge of obstruction of justice performed female genital mutilation (FGM) procedures on nine 7-year-old girls. The doctor was “part of a secret network which traveled across the U.S. to perform the agonizing procedure,” the court was told. The network belongs to the Dawoodi Bohra cult, whose national presence was exposed by Clarion Intelligence Network. 

Exclusive: Clarion Reports 5 Pro-Iran Extremists to Police

  • Five supporters of the Iranian regime and the Hezbollah terrorist group in three states have been identified by Clarion Intelligence Network and reported to our law enforcement partners. 
  • One of the suspects is also a supporter of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group.
  • One suspect also expressed support for the torturing and murdering of homosexuals.
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Other Islamist Extremism Developments

  • In Ohio, an ISIS supporter was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his plot to attack two synagogues in the Toledo area. Clarion Intelligence Network reported the terrorist to law enforcement before his arrest, along with associates of his.
  • A senior foreign policy advisor to Turkish President Erdogan predicted that Turkey will eventually go to war with the U.S. He said that the only reason Turkey has not attacked U.S. troops in Syria is due to the poor economy and upcoming elections.
  • An ISIS supporter in Pittsburgh pled guilty to charges related to his plot to bomb a small church in the city in 2019. He came to the U.S. as a refugee from Syria in 2016. 
  • A Shiite imam in Alexandria, Va. preached to his congregation that Muslims are obligated to support violent jihad against Islam’s enemies by fighting on the battlefield or financially supporting jihadists. He advised that Muslims should practice “martial training” and that the passing through the “gates of jihad” allows one to enter “paradise” after death. 

Anti-Muslim Extremism

  • An anti-Muslim terrorist who bombed a mosque in Bloomington, Minn. was sentenced to 53 years in prison. He and two co-defendants formed a terrorist militia in Clarence, Ill.

Alt-Right & Alt-Left Extremism

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Anti-American Antifa Supporter Wins Primary for Seattle City Attorney

  • An anti-American supporter of Antifa and rioting has won the primary for Seattle City Attorney. One of her campaign pledges is to abolish the very office she could be taking over. She won with a plurality of 36 percent of the vote, meaning 71,000 people voted for her. She will now face a Republican opponent in the general election.

Exclusive: Clarion Discovers Antifa Terrorist Plots Targeting Police

  • A network of five Antifa extremists in four states who are apparently armed and preparing to engage in terrorism were uncovered by Clarion Intelligence Network and reported to our law enforcement partners. 
  • One of the Antifa extremists also is a supporter of Islamist terrorist groups. 
  • The suspects had acquired a number of firearms and combat-related equipment and were working on creating bombs. Police officers appeared to be the targets of most interest.
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Latest Alt-Right Developments

  • A neo-Nazi from California was arrested in Washington D.C. near the Democratic Party headquarters with a machete and a large hunting knife. The police who arrested him said he wore attire associated with the Boogaloo movement and cited the “white genocide” conspiracy theory. He also blamed the LGBT community for the 9/11 attacks.
  • A white supremacist terrorist pled guilty to 113 counts of hate crime charges for carrying out a shooting at a synagogue and setting fire to a mosque, both in California. One person died in the attacks. 

Hostile Foreign Influence Operations

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Qatar Renews $1,000/hr PR Contract as Part of Influence Campaign

  • The terrorism-sponsoring government of Qatar will continue its efforts to influence U.S. politicians, businesses and public opinion by $20,000 per month on just one media and communication consultancy. The company was hired for 20 hours per month, which means Qatar is paying them $1,000 per hour. 

Two Senior Republican Political Operatives Indicted for Hiding Illegal Russian Donation

  • Two senior Republican political operatives in Kentucky and Florida were indicted for arranging an illegal campaign donation of $100,000 from a Russian national and trying to hide it. In return, the defendants gave the Russian political access by bringing him to at least one fundraiser. 

Other Ideological Extremism

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Two-Thirds of Jewish College Students Experience Antisemitism On Campus

  • survey of Jewish college students found that two-thirds of respondents said they experienced antisemitism or were familiar with antisemitic acts over the past four months. Over 25 percent said they felt unsafe at some point in their classroom due to their Jewish background. And over 50 percent said they have hidden their Jewish background and/or support for Israel while on campus.