Zainabia Community Center

State: Indiana

Location: Indianapolis, IN


The Zainabia Community Center is a Shiite mosque in Indianapolis, Indiana. From February 14-17, 2018, the center hosted Sheik Hamza Sodagar. [1] Sodagar is an ardent supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has come under fire in the past for suggesting that gays can be killed in four different ways: burned alive, have a wall dropped on them, thrown off a cliff, or a combination of the above, he explained in a speech that can be seen on YouTube. [2]

Despite hosting hateful individuals like Sodagar, Zainabia’s website states the following:

“Zainabia Community Center is a Shia Ithna Ashari (Ja’fari) community thriving on the etiquettes of The Prophet Muhammad and his Holy Progeny.  The Zainabia has a passion for righteousness, consciousness and respect towards the community.  We pledge our values to Allah with peace and blessings.”


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[2] YouTube, Hamza Sodagar on Five Ways to Kill Homosexuals, October 6, 2016


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