Young Jordanian Boy Going to Jerusalem to Die as Martyr

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The following video of a young Jordanian boy going to Jerusalem to die as a martyr was posted on the internet by Gaza TV Media.

The boy, identified as Amir Al-Khasawne, looks no more than five. In the video, his mother asks him where he is going, to which Amir answers, “I’m going on a journey far away. I might not come back.” He then ask his mother to ask his father to forgive him and pray for him.

Amir tells his mother, “I’m going to the martyr Omar Abu Laila and his friends. I will shoot the Jews who shot Omar. I’m going to Omar’s mother, to kiss her head, and say to her: I’m like Omar! We are all like Omar! We are all your children!”

Last month, Omar Abu Laila fatally stabbed Israel soldier Sgt. Gal Keidan, stole his weapon and gunned down  Rabbi Achiad Ettinger, the father of 12 children.

When Amir’s mother tells him he may be killed, the little boy cries out with great emotion, “It’s no big deal, mommy. I will die for the sake of Jerusalem. Isn’t Jerusalem worth dying for? Isn’t Al-Aqsa Mosque worth dying for?…This is Jerusalem, oh Arabs! This is Jerusalem, oh Arabs! For Allah’s sake, oh Arabs! For Allah’s sake, oh Arabs! This is Jerusalem! It is the destination of the Prophet’s nocturnal journey! They sold out Jerusalem! Wake up, oh Saladin!”

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