Young Girl to UN: Free My Family Now

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Mystery surrounds the fate of some 36 Syrians captured in the As-Suwayda area in southern Syria. And now, a small girl recorded a heartfelt please to the United Nations: Free my family now.

Sumina Rafeh Abu Ammar’s relatives are among those taken — most of whom are from the country’s Druze minority. Initial reports suggested the hostages were taken by ISIS but now the picture is less clear, with the distinct possibility that fighters loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may also be involved. It’s thought that’s why Sumina makes her plea to the UN rather than any local parties.

Below the video is a translation of her words.



I am Sumina Rafeh Abu Ammar from the village Shbiki.
I call on countries of the world and the UN Human Rights Council to try to release the women and children that were kidnapped.
I need them. I can’t go to school without them. And the school is close-by.
I’m pleading with you: Don’t deprive them of going to school like the rest of the world’s children.
I miss them a lot.
I miss my uncle’s children [she lists their names]. I miss my friends in school [she lists their names]. I miss my friend Rayde Gbei.
I am pleading with you to listen to what I am saying and bring them back in good health.


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