You Told Us: Security Trumps Human Rights

rights versus security

By a margin of 2:1, Clarion website visitors believe security trumps human rights.

We polled you as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was sworn in for a second four-year term on June 2. Sisi is committed to fighting Islamist terror, particularly from ISIS but his record on human rights is not exactly perfect.

Here’s the result of the poll, followed by some of your comments:

Which is more important?

Security – 62.4%

Human Rights – 37.6%


Your Comments

Security can mean many things. And can be used to justify a lot of oppression. If you mean secure borders and illegal aliens, yes security is more important. If you are talking about a citizens’ “human rights” then you have to consider it is not about security but destroying opposition.

Once you eradicate violators of Human Rights AKA terrorists you no longer have to worry about security.

Human rights have to be first and foremost. Security soon degrades to oppression when a people are not free.

Security for citizens of sovereign nations with a well conceived and compassionate policy on immigration for those who would assimilate into the culture of the host nation. Immigration without assimilation is invasion.

There has to be a proper balance. Without security we would not be able to guarantee human rights. I don’t get offended at an airport when I go through screening because I know that it is truly helping to protect my rights.

Overt security creates a fearful society, no creativity and ultimately a society like Nazi Germany or Iran/Turkey etc today.

You may well ask whether people need air or water. We need both.

Why are they at odds? Do you walk to school or carry your lunch? If the security is enforced by authority with moral values, human rights will not be an issue.

If you’re dead, you can have all the human rights you want, but you’ll still be dead.

Rights do not come without responsibilities, as Jordan Peterson says.

Human rights without security is anarchy. There must be a balance since security without human rights is tyranny.



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