Would-Be London Mayor: No Memory of ISIS Killer

George Galloway hopes to become mayor of London in three months but right now he is defending himself from the accusation that a leading ISIS killer joined a convoy he organized to Gaza in 2009.

"There were 500 people on that convoy and George can't ever remember laying eyes on this guy. It's possible he was there but George doesn't remember meeting him," a campaign spokesman told ITV News.

The man in question is Alexanda or Alexe Kotey, who worked closely with the infamous Jihadi John. The half Ghanaian, half Cypriot grew up in London.

A convert to Islam, Kotey is believed to have beheaded up to 27 prisoners along with three accomplices.

One accusation against Galloway is that Kotey actually fled the United Kingdom via the former’s supposed aid convoy to the Gaza Strip.

Should former MP Galloway become London’s mayor, it is likely taxpayers’ money would find its way into the hands of extremist organizations.