World Hijab Day? Not on This Soccer Field!

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An Iranian soccer fan at the World Cup in Russia (Photo: BENJAMIN CREMEL/AFP/Getty Images)
An Iranian soccer fan at the World Cup in Russia (Photo: BENJAMIN CREMEL/AFP/Getty Images)

Iranian women attending the World Cup tournament in Russia are reveling in the fact that they are allowed to attend soccer games, a “right” which they do not have in their native country. Extraordinary pictures of these women have emerged (see video below) – note the absence of the hijabs and abayas they are forced to wear at home. (Western liberals promoting hijabs take note.)


Meanwhile in Iran, award-winning human rights lawyer Nasrin Soroudeh was arrested and thrown into the notorious Evin prison. The prison is known for housing Iran’s political prisoners.

Soroudeh, 55, recently represented a number of women arrested for protesting against the government’s mandatory hijab policy.

Sotoudeh, an outspoken human rights advocate, won the European Parliament’s Sakharov prize in 2012 for working on cases defending human rights in Iran, including juvenvilles sentenced to death. She was previously thrown in prison between 2010 and 2013 after being convicted for “actions against national security” and spreading “propaganda against the regime.” She was then forbidden to represent defendants in human rights cases or leave Iran until 2022.



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