Women Increasingly Recruited to ISIS, Including Westerners

Women are increasingly being recruited and lured into joining the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. One Australian official estimates that 500 Western women have travelled to Syria and thrown their lot in with the terrorist organization, with many more being radicalized on the homefront and groomed to carry out lone-wolf attacks.

Out of 50 people arrested for supporting the Islamic State this year in the U.S., seven of them were women.  

Although recruitment videos show an idealized existence of cute children on merry-go-rounds and women driving them around in modern mini-vans, the reality of existence as a woman in the Islamic State is markedly different — deprivation, rape and oftentimes death.

Previously, the Islamic State lured women into the "noble" profession of being a jihadi wife. Now, the terrorist organization has increasingly used women in combat roles or as suicide bombers, for the inherent element of surprise.

Watch CNN's report: FBI Warning — More Women Joining ISIS

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