Your Woman’s Expiration Date Passed? Get a New One

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Women passed their expiry date

A famous Saudi preacher caused a social-media storm when he declared a woman has an expiration date.

Medina Imam Majed el-Fahd urged young men to change wives once their “expiration date passes.” He tweeted his opinion:


Arabic tweet on the "expiration date" of women
The tweet says “#MarryASecondOneIfYouCan Praise the Lord I’m fulfilling my religion with four for the last 20 years and I’m thinking about upgrading, inshallah. A woman’s has an expiration date as opposed to a man.” [Ed.Note: Of course, he wrote that in 140 characters!]

El-Fahd, a lecturer at the city’s Islamic University, has had four wives for 20 years but feels he needs to add a wife.

For the record, el-Fahd does not believe men carry such a date.

Many Arabic reactions to his suggestion were critical, describing his idea and offensive to women. One went as far as to say:

“No, It’s your date that’s expired. Can you bear what a woman carries: tiredness, pain, staying up all night caring for her family?”


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