Witches and Gays Beware! ISIS’ Latest Graphic Video

If you are a witch, gay, a smoker or drink alcohol, the Islamic State’s latest video is just for you.

As opposed to earlier videos in which ISIS showed how it punished those who would not conform, its latest offering warns would-be sinners about the punishments that await.

The film invokes the Quranic principle “You enjoin what is right, and forbid what is reprehensible.”

WARNING: Some of the imagery is graphic.


Citing verse a chapter from source texts the narrator says offenders will be flogged.



Modern-day sorcerers and witches are to be beheaded.



Should you be caught in a forbidden relationship you can expect to be stoned to death.



If you steal, as is the case in other parts of the Middle East, your hand will be forcibly amputated.



If you live in ISIS-controlled areas and happen to be gay – you will likely be thrown off a roof to your death.