Why Didn’t Trump Support the Kurdish Independence Vote?

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Disputed areas of the Kurdish region in Iraq
Disputed areas of the Kurdish region in Iraq (Photo: Screenshot/i24News)


Clarion Project’s Shillman Fellow & National Security Analyst, Prof. Ryan Mauro, argues that President Donald Trump’s “biggest blunder” so far is failing to support an independent Kurdistan. Instead, the U.S. opposed the Kurdish independence referendum, siding with Turkey’s Islamist strongman and president, Recep Erdogan, against the Kurds, one of America’s most faithful and effective allies in the fight against ISIS.

Meanwhile, while the Kurdish people voted overwhelmingly to support an independent Kurdistan in a non-binding referendum held Sept. 25. The Iraqi government threatened the Kurds with retaliation for merely holding of the referendum. Deeming the vote by the Kurdish Regional Government “illegal and unconstitutional,” the Iraqi parliament and Prime Minister Abadi threatened to deploy troops to the disputed zones in the Kurdish region and shut down Kurdistan’s airports if the Kurds don’t turn over control of the airports by September 29.

The Kurds say their attempts to dialogue with the Iraqis have been rebuffed.

To understand more about the conflict and why America should have sided with the Kurds, watch Mauro:



This map details the Kurdish areas of the region:

Kurdish areas of the Middle East


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