Will Big Business Trump Trump in Iran?

(Illustrative photo)
(Illustrative photo)

While executives from U.S.-aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing jet off to Iran next week to pursue multi-billion dollar deals, members of Congress, who have evidence that commercial planes have been used in the past for illicitly transporting arms and fighters across the Middle East, are stunned, reported The Washington Free Beacon.   

The reports of Boeing and Airbus executives traveling to Tehran to sell aircraft to the Iranian regime’s airliner are outrageous,” Rep. Peter Roskam told the Free Beacon. “In the past month, IRGC-backed forces have threatened to attack U.S. forces in Iraq, and Iran’s military leadership has threatened Europe with ballistic missiles.

“No American company should be doing business with this regime, let alone be selling militarily-fungible jets to the terror-supporting transport-arm of the IRGC.”

Roskam was behind the provision in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act which required the government to provide Congress with an annual report detailing Iran’s use of commercial aircraft for illicit purposes.

Sen. David Perdue, who was behind the same provision in the Senate, said, “Iran Air has been using their sanctions relief money from Obama’s nuclear deal to fly weapons, material and fighters directly into Syria.”

Moreover, under the nuclear deal made in 2015 between Iran and world powers, the U.S. is allowed to cancel any licenses for commercial aircraft sales to Iran if it is determined that Iran is using the aircraft for illicit purposes.

This point has been made clear to the Iranians, according to an official at the State Department.

Meanwhile, during an impromptu news conference at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis had harsh words for the Iranian regime.

“Everywhere you find turmoil [in the Middle East], you find Iran’s hand in it,” he said, specifically pointing out Iran’s sponsorship of the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Mattis also noted United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley’s presentation at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling where Haley showed physical evidence that Iran is arming the Houthi rebels in Yemen by displaying a missile retrieved from Yemen which only Iran makes.


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