Why Flying Is Harder

Lines for airport security (Illustrative photo: ALEX WONG/Getty Images)
Lines for airport security (Illustrative photo: ALEX WONG/Getty Images)

Almost a year ago, the U.S. banned laptops on flights from 10 Middle Eastern and North African airports. The ban includes tablets and some large mobile phones. That was because of a plot to conceal powerful bombs in the batteries of these devices.

Now, one of the masterminds behind that technology has been identified, reported Newsweek. He is Hamayun Tariq, a 41-year-old car mechanic from the UK.

Tariq managed to evade authorities twice and travel abroad. He is believed to be somewhere in Iraq or Syria at the present time.

He most likely learned his “trade” from top al-Qaeda operatives while in Pakistan. After he returned to the UK, he was arrested and sent to prison for tax fraud. Upon his release in 2014, he left the country for ISIS-controlled territory in the Middle East.

Tariq was identified by an Aimen Dean, a former al-Qaeda explosives expert who now works as an undercover agent for the UK. Dean said he met Tariq, who also went by the name of “Abu Muslim,” in the “field.”

While in Syria, Tariq encouraged lone wolf attack in the West, posting details on social media on how to assemble bombs.


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