Where Is the Islamophobia Lobby on This Issue?

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(Photo: Pixabay/CCO Creative Commons)
(Photo: Pixabay/CCO Creative Commons)

Where is the Islamophobia lobby when it comes to China? And why am I writing about it now?

Today’s headline news in the Canadian national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, reads “Canada arrests executive from China’s Huawei.”

According to the paper, Canada arrested Wanzhou Meng, the chief financial officer of China’s Huawei Technologies on suspicion she violated U.S. trade sanctions with Iran. Meng now faces extradition to the United States, which is already in a trade war with China.

Why does this concern me? Firstly it’s worrisome when there are forces (China) strategically working against my adopted land (Canada).

But more so, as a Muslim this triggers me to think of the ongoing hypocrisy of Muslims in their relationship with China and their lack of activism for China’s persecuted Muslim minority.

Gay McDougall, who sits on the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, claimed that up to two million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities were forced into “political camps for indoctrination.”

According to Foreign Policy, more than 10 million Uighur Muslims in China’s northwest Xinjiang region are facing a very “grim” future.  They report,

“Major mosques in the major cities of Kashgar and Urumqi now stand empty. [Muslim] Prisoners in [“re-education”] camps are told to renounce [Allah] and embrace the Chinese Communist Party. Prayers, religious education, and the Ramadan fast are increasingly restricted or banned. Even in the rest of China, Arabic text is being stripped from public buildings, and Islamophobia is being tacitly encouraged by party authorities.”

This is gross violation of human rights in the worst possible manner.

Yet, where are the Muslim voices and where is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on this critical issue? Where are the demonstrations outside the Chinese embassies throughout the Muslim world? Where are CAIR, the SPLC and our Leftist comrades on this issue of blatant human rights violations?

Imagine for a moment if the United States had even “suggested” doing something like this to their Muslim minority? The entire encyclopaedia of Islamophobia would have come crashing on their heads.

Furthermore, China is also building a city in Balochistan (Pakistan) where it’s heavily involved in constructing a port. Hold on a moment! This city will be for Chinese only with no Pakistanis allowed! And Pakistan allows this?

Imagine is the U.S. or any Western country had suggested something like this? The entire wrath of racism would have raised its ugly head.

Is this not a huge human rights concern? Apparently China was praised by 86% of countries at the United Nations Human Rights Council. This disgusts me.

Are we Muslims so brainwashed that we can’t speak out about gross injustice taking place in front of our eyes but will give all we have to “selective conspiracy theories”?

Yes! If it doesn’t involve Israel or the USA, why should they even bother?



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