What’s Behind the Coronavirus Anti-Semitism?

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Corona anti-Semitism. The sign reads: "The Real Plague" above a picture of a rat with a Jewish star on it (Photo: Twitter)
Corona anti-Semitism. The sign reads: “The Real Plague” above a picture of a rat with a Jewish star on it (Photo: Twitter)

In Episode 5 of Clarion Project’s podcast Endeavor Against Extremism, host Shireen Qudosi speaks with former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind on coronavirus anti-Semitism. In a very open conversation, the two look at possible reasons why extremists from neo-Nazis to Islamists to foreign enemy states always find a laundry list of reasons to blame Jews for calamities.

Is the anti-Semitism that comes forward during a crisis rooted in insecurity and jealous against the Jewish tribe?

In February, Dov Hikind faced off with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Hikind stood up in a room of 600 people at Rutgers University and challenged Congresswoman Tlaib’s blood libel against the Jewish people.

At the time, Tlaib had tweeted a wrongful accusation against Israel, which soon was proven false. However, Tlaib neither deleted nor apologized for her tweet that went out to her followers which number just under a million.



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