What You Wouldn’t Want Your Kids Learning

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Kids explore networked computers (Illustrative Photo: Getty Images)
(Illustrative photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Textbooks for children in the Palestinian Authority notoriously promote the concepts of jihad and martyrdom, while demonizing the enemies of Islam.

A Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) study of the most recent textbooks show “a significant increase in focus on the early Islamic tenets of shahada (martyrdom), fidaa (self-sacrifice) and tadhiya (sacrifice) as part of jihad for the sake of Allah, and their modern manifestations as part of the Palestinian struggle against Israel.”

The following is a sampling of what Palestinian kids are learning in Middle School:

  • The Muslims’ victory over the Quraysh tribe (624 C.E.), traditionally viewed as the quintessential battle in which Muslims were outnumbered three to one: “When the fighting got tough…the Messenger of Allah [the Prophet Muhammad] encouraged the Muslims to fight by saying:’Rise up [and fight, to attain] Paradise, which is as wide as the heaven and the earth.’ The Muslims attacked the polytheist army with full force, as their strong faith and honest desire spurred them to sacrifice their souls. As a result the polytheists were defeated, and the Muslims achieved a great victory…”
  • Rewards for the martyr as stated in the hadiths (sayings of the prophet): “Allah the Almighty wishes to take shahids  (martyrs) from among the believers in order to grace them with martyrdom, forgive their sins and exalt them in Paradise.””Allah rewards the shahid with six rewards: with the first drop of blood, his sins are forgiven; he sees his place in Paradise; he is spared the torments of the grave; he is spared the horror of the Day of Judgment; he is crowned with the crown of glory, whose precious stone is better than all of this world and what is in it; he marries 72 black-eyed women; he vouches for 70 of his family members [to be accepted to Paradise].”
  • Fighting for Islam despite hardships or injuries (illustrated by a hadith based on the story of Ja’far bin Abi Talib, one of the first converts to Islam and a companion of Mohammed. Ja’far’s arms were cut off by his enemies, yet he continued to fight until he reached martyrdom): “How wonderful is Paradise as it draws near! How pleasant and cool is its drink! Punishment for the Byzantines is not far away! I must fight them when I encounter them!”
    “Allah rewarded him and honored him for his courage and sacrifice. He gave him wings so he could fly in Paradise. That is why he is known as ‘The Winged One.'”


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