What We Do

We expose and reduce the threats of extremism through media and intel

Clarion Project uses digital media and open-source intel to expose dangerous extremist groups and individuals who threaten the safety and security of America. 

Our intel reporting, feature-length documentaries, short films, videos, online activism and analysis educate and arm policymakers and the public with the tools they need to challenge and reduce the growing threat of global extremism. 

Documentary Films

Our feature-length documentaries expose how extremists use terrorism, subjugation of women, indoctrination of children, and religious persecution to threaten democracy and Western values.


Our YouTube channels host hundreds of unique short films and video series on all aspects of challenging extremism.

Intelligence Network

Our team of OSINT researchers uncover extremists and terrorist networks across the US and train law enforcement agencies and counter-terrorism officials to help stop the threats.

News & Analysis

Our analyses and reports provide up-to-date coverage on issues of homeland security and global extremism.


Our activism campaigns and workshops play a vital role in achieving our mission of reducing the threats of extremism.

Help us expose and reduce the threats of ideological extremism