What If Your Holiday Parade Was a Terror Target?

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A man was arrested in New York City for planning to attack the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. In France, a terror cell was arrested while planning a multi-city attack.

The State Department issued a terror warning for travelers to Europe, specifying attacks at holiday events and festivals.  

These were just a few of the many stories in the media last week about the threat of terrorism during the holidays.

We asked our readers: “Should the media report terror threats, or is this just scaremongering?”

Here are some of the nearly 200 responses we received:


Yes, people do need to be made aware of possible threats. They also need to be aware of their surroundings and to be extra “watchful.”  The media needs to start making people aware of possible terror attacks. It’s not pleasant to hear about, but that’s the reality of the days we are living in now



I would think that would be kind of important to know.  Would you like to be told of an impending hurricane?  Disaster is disaster.



Absolutely !!!  No time for PC.  Safety, Safety, Safety.   Do what is right and report the truth.   We do not need filters, we need the absolute truth.  There is more of this on its way.  As a matter of fact,ISIS and Islamic Jihad is already here.



I think it should be reported; however, it should be better framed to focus on the successes of thwarting terrorism.



Forewarned is forearmed. Let’s hear about these things as they also a show of how terror is being tracked before it happens. We would rather stop an atrocity then wait until it happens and then track down the murderers.



Of course. Knowledge is power!



Yes, I want to know about terror attacks. Ignoring the obvious doesn’t make it go away.



Yes, the news should be reported, whatever the news is.  Hiding the fact that there are those who want to commit terror helps no one.  In fact, it reinforces the idea that we need to be aware and be vigilant, as that is how terrorists are caught.  This doesn't mean we live in fear – we should enjoy life.  But we must live life with both eyes open.



The media should remind us to be extra aware in large gatherings or holiday festivities. They should tell us when someone is apprehended for this activity, remind us that there are many among us who want to do us harm and to remain vigilant.



There is a media soft peddling campaign.   France has "Islamic terrorists but we have home grown terrorists. We are afraid to deal with the real problem.



Yes, threats and arrests should be reported, unless they would impede an investigation or otherwise interfere with protecting our country.



Yes.  The media should report them, not for scare mongering, but simply to make people aware that they do not live in a bubble of safety. To make them think beyond what they are having for dinner, to widen their horizons.



Yes, terror threats should be reported so people are aware and more careful.



I would like to be informed; there is the potential of scare mongering, but I would like to be informed as well, and then I know my risks.



Some people would not attend an event, like Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, if they hear a report that the Parade was a terror target.  If that attendance reduction occurs, then they (the terrorists) have won, even if they don't attack.  People must go on living their free lives even under threat, else we have lost our rights and freedoms.  Based on this reasoning, others might answer your question as, "No, don't scare the people from attending."  I disagree.  A demonstration that people value their freedom in spite of threats means we win.  So, my answer to the question is an absolute “Yes”!!



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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org

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