What Arabic Media Says About the US – June 10, 2018

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Arabic media review

Why Trump Must Keep Pressure on Iran – Al-Ain (Abu Dhabi)

An expert tells the publication that U.S. President Donald Trump should keep pressure on Iran. His comments were made after the U.S. ramped up sanctions on Tehran last week. “The more Washington pressures Iran, the easier it is for America to counter Iranian attempts to destabilize the region,” said founder and president of TRENDS Research & Advisory Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli.


War Between US and OPEC Fuelled by Oil – El-Bilad (Algeria)

“There’s a small chance oil prices will rise if there’s a conflict between the U.S. and Iran over the straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb,” oil expert Bouziane Mahmah told the Algerian outlet. “If the U.S. launches any military move, Iran will close the waterways and oil prices will reach unprecedented levels.”


America Is a Broken Chicken Leg – Tishreen (Syria)

In an aggressive editorial, the Syrian daily lambastes the U.S. with neither rhyme nor reason. It opens: “Forgery, deceit, lies and conspiracies accompanied by use of force – these are the pillars of the colonialist culture adopted by the U.S. and still in use to spread its tentacles in order to achieve its colonialist ambitions to control countries, to steal their rights, to control their resources, their strategic sites and their ability to operate in world financial markets.”


International Companies Prefer Dealing with US Over Iran – Al-Arabiya (Saudi Arabia)

The U.S. began seeing clear results from its imposition of sanctions on Iran. There’s an increase in the number of companies saying they are divesting from Iran. This is despite political opposition to U.S. sanctions from European governments, Al-Arabiya writes. Quoting an article from Forbes on the 10 largest companies to announce their withdrawal from Iran, the outlet focuses on the oil firms Total (France), Lukoil (Russia) and Reliance Petroleum (India).


Russia: ISIS Is Only in US-Controlled Areas – Al-Alam (Iran)

The Iranian TV channel’s Arabic-language website took pleasure in quoting Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov who blamed Washington for ISIS’ comeback in Syria. He accused the U.S. of criminal negligence, Al-Alam reported. “The weapons currently in use by ISIS and al-Nusra Front are American, and one should note that both of these organizations are looking to remove the Assad regime. ISIS strongholds in Syria are only in the areas under illegal American control in Tanaf and Raqqa. This is the real disaster for the Syrian people,” Al-Alam reported Konashenkov as saying.



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