What Arabic Media Says About the US – July 8, 2018

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Arabic media review


Saudi Reaction to Trump’s Request to Increase Oil Production – Rai al-Youm (UK – Palestinian)

In a barbed attack on the U.S. Administration, veteran opinion writer Abdel Bari Atwan asks “what does the quick positive response from the Saudi king mean? Is President Trump the secretary-general of OPEC? What are the stances of China, Russia and the other oil exporting countries? Will Saudi Arabia receive a reward for this dangerous decision and what will it be?” Despite Washington’s claims that it is not seeking regime change in Iran, Atwan believes “this is the first step in the plan to overthrow the Iranian regime.”


Iran Is the Mother of All American Battles – Al Modon (Lebanon)

The American siege on Iran can bee seen on the horizon, diplomatically, militarily and from a petroleum perspective. The American declarations against Iran show the almost completed plan of the White House as the mother of all battles of the Trump administration. It’s the mother of all battles because it rises above all other international crises begun by Trump, including economic warfare with China and Europe, the crisis with North Korea and the negotiations with Russia.


Trump, Putin on the Crest of ‘the Strike of the Century’ – Aliwaa (Lebanon)

The summit meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki impacted on Lebanon and the region. There are various strong indications that this meeting was akin to the Yalta conference (at the end of World War 2) and the beginning of a new colonization with new colonial faces. The fat Arabic cheese is being divided between two major camps: Russia on the one hand with its evil aspirations to be a major world power and in the Middle East in particular. The other camp is Israel represented by the United States and its president, Trump.


Iran: Trump’s Instructions to OPEC Countries Are Insulting- Al Khaleej (UAE?)

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh blamed American President Trump for insulting OPEC by ordering it to increase production and lower prices. The oil market should not be influenced by politicians, he added. “President Trump sends a new message each day that spreads confusion in the markets,” he told Iranian television. Iranian production and exports remains unchanged despite American pressures, he added.


Oil War Against Iran – Iranian Wisdom Derails American Plots – Alalam (Iran)

President Trump announced on May 8 that his country is quitting the nuclear agreement signed by Iran and world powers. This led to condemnations of the American step which the countries of the world including Washington’s allies considered to be a backtrack from commitments and a breach of international laws and procedures. Alalam then lists events between Tehran and Washington from its perspective concluding that “these were failed [American] attempts to prevent Iran from selling its oil.


America First! It’s Not Just the G7, It’s Also About Radical Islam

6 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working

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