‘We Must Fight Islamism to Defeat Jihadism’

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CNN reports on the United Arab Emirate's designation of CAIR as a terrorist entity
CNN reports on the United Arab Emirate’s designation of CAIR as a terrorist entity (Photo: video screenshot)

In the following podcast, Clarion Project’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi talks with Liam Duffy,
an independent researcher, trainer and adviser on extremism and counterterrorism.

Duffy designs and delivers extensive professional training programs for law enforcement, government and civil society in both the UK and other countries. He previously worked in the prevention strand of the UK government’s counterterrorism strategy and was director of SINCE 9/11, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising the awareness of the impact of the 9/11 attacks and terrorism.

He has also led preventing violent extremism initiatives in Kenya and collaborated with Hedayah Center.

Liam published a report about how Islamists attack liberal and reformist Muslims supporting counter-terrorism and initiatives to counter violent extremism.

In the podcast Qudosi and Duffy talk about:

  • How do you counter ISIS, which has employed a very effective strategy that adapts to the events of the ground so rapidly?
  • “Maybe if we were a bit nicer, jihadists would stop.” Is blaming the West for jihad legitimate?
  • How abuse against Muslim reformers gave Duffy the courage to speak openly against the ideology of violent jihad
  • The fetishizing of minority communities is an obstacle to overcoming a number of issues regarding Islamism and jihadism
  • The historical grievance mentality of groups like al-Qaeda: “Al Qaeda was seen as this weird, rag tag, novel, strangely dressed mysterious group in the Afghan mountains and suddenly we wake up in July 2005 and realize the people who’ve just blown up a transit system were from West Yorkshire”
  • How and why are people who’ve grown up in in democratic ideals adopting an 8th century ideology?
  • Beyond identity politics: A look at what bonds people in a secular state.
  • How to counter public denial and naivety about Islamist extremism?
  • The problem with pigeon-holing radicalization as a vulnerability problem.

Duffy has given comment on extremism to BBC News, The Washington Post and The Telegraph. He has written on radicalization, extremism and terrorism for the Times Educational Supplement, The American Spectator, The Jewish Chronicle and CapX among publications.


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