We Are With You! Letters to the Iranian Protesters

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Demonstrators protest against Iranian President Hassan Rouhani near the United Nations headquarters in New York (Photo: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)
Demonstrators protest against Iranian President Hassan Rouhani near the United Nations headquarters in New York (Photo: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump’s expressions of support for the Iranian people seem to be working. At a recent anti-regime protest, the chant could be heard: “Our enemy is here, they lie when they say it is America.”

As the Iranian people strive to rid themselves of the oppression of the current regime, we asked our readers to write letters of support to strengthen their resolve. The following is a sampling of the letters we will be sending to protesters inside Iran.

To write a letter of support to the Iranian people in their protests against the brutal regime, click here. We will forward them to opposition leaders.

Letters We Received

We, the American people support the Iranian people that desire to be free of the dictatorial regime under which you are currently suffering. Please know that our hearts are with you in your quest for freedom and democracy. — Rahel

I support the Iranian people who are trying to free themselves from the defunct and evil Islamic regime in Iran. The mullahs of Iran will definitely fall from power and the Iranian people will regain their freedom. – M.P.

The American people are behind the Iranian people seeking freedom from your radical Islamic regime and pray that you will succeed in removing this regime via peaceful measures, protests and votes. We are with you! – C.G.

Dear Iranian people, I support you in your struggle for freedom! I do not and never have regarded you as an enemy. Someday, G-d willing, I would love to visit Iran and enjoy its beautiful architecture, amazing history and wonderful people. May G-d protect and bless you! –R.P.

We, the American people, are with you … heart, mind and soul! God bless you all, and please remain safe. – L.C.

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers as you struggle for freedom and basic human rights. In 2009, we were horrified by the way our president and his administration abandoned your efforts. So pleased that you are continuing in your efforts. God bless. — J.G.

We, the American people, stand strong with our brothers and sisters in Iran. The Iranian regime does nothing but lie to the Iranian people and grow rich on the hard work of the average citizen of Iran. Keep organizing and protesting. The revolution you seek will take the support of millions, and it all starts with giving them a voice. — M.L.

Many of us in the United States know that you are among the most sophisticated and intellectually sharp people on the globe. For nearly 40 years, you have been repressed by a medieval and retrogressive regime, whose purpose is to wage a religious war on the world, the murder of everyone with whom they disagree, and the subjugation of the entire planet to their malevolent agenda. We know that many of you want to end this tyranny. You tried a few years ago, but the administration in this country at the time was against you, and 100% on the side of your oppressors, so your attempt was brutally crushed by your regime. We sincerely hope that your country may rejoin the brotherhood of civilized nations, and that you become a free people. I suspect that some of us will be in the trenches with you, as you try and defeat your vicious and evil oppressors. – F.M.L.

I have the utmost respect for Iranians, but not their oppressive government. Ancient Persia and its modern analogs represent one of the oldest civilizations on earth. You have a level of education that easily exceeds that of my own countrymen in the USA. Be strong, be brave and know that this president will help you where he can. We will pray for your ultimate success in overthrowing the current regime! – A.M.

Dear brothers and sisters in Iran; As a blessed human being who lives in America, I support you and the people of Iran in your determination to resist the radical leadership presently in your nation. As a Christian, I recognize that that the enemy isn’t you, rather it is the evil that consumes you from above. I pray for you and the men and women who so desperately want to live in harmony and peace. Freedom isn’t free. It is a constant struggle here on Earth, but it is worth the fight to attain it and preserve it. Know that this American is praying for your nation’s salvation. Be brave and be strong. Take this fight to its rightful conclusion. God bless you and the citizens of Iran. – M.E.C.

To write a letter of support to the Iranian people in their protests against the brutal regime, click here. 



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