Watch the Compelling Story of Ex-White Nationalist Thug

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Former white nationalist Arno Michaelis (Photo: Clarion Project)
Former white nationalist Arno Michaelis (Photo: Clarion Project)

Arno Michaelis is a former white nationalist. In his own words, he was addicted to disrupting the world and used violence as a way of avoiding himself. He’d beat you and leave you for dead just for wearing the wrong T-shirt.

Michaelis drew power from offending people whether they were black, Jewish or even whites. He lead a popular white nationalist band and fell into a cycle of violence, alcohol and unemployment. At the same time, he saw his friends end up in prison or get murdered.

Watch his compelling story below — what motivated him to leave the movement and how he is working with kids today to make sure they don’t fall into extremism:



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