Watch Morality Police Beat Woman for ‘Inadequate Hijab’

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This woman in Iran was ambushed by the female morality police for wearing a hijab that was seemed “inadequate.” The unit proceeds to grab her by her arms and legs and beat and kick her.

The Facebook page “My Stealthy Freedom,” which also publicized this incident, wrote:

“One of the people who sent us this controversial video where a poor girl was savagely beaten for being “inappropriately dressed” by the morality police [wrote]:

‘We were celebrating our friend’s birthday in a park. Then, these people with the morality police showed up. They wanted to us to get into their van forcibly. They kept on telling us that we were inappropriately dressed and that we needed to go to the police station with them.

‘At that instant, one of these female officers pulled my feet whereas the other pulled my hands. As I fell on the ground and my hijab slipped off, the male officer nearby crushed my hair with his boots. My friends who were around me intervened to help, but they too had their own share of beatings.

‘When I said that I was going to file a complaint, they responded by saying “You cannot do s**t!”. Luckily, a married couple walking nearby showed up and prevented these officers from beating us even more. Yet, when this couple intervened, the morality police shifted all their attention to them and started beating them as well. We felt very sorry for this couple. I wish I knew who they are and how they are at the moment.’”



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