Watch How Iran & ISIS Recruit Children

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A child soldier in Yemen fighting for the Iranian-backed Houthis sports a Kalashnikov (Photo: MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images)
A child soldier in Yemen fighting for the Iranian-backed Houthis sports a assault Kalashnikov (Photo: MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking at the UN, U.S. Ambassador Nikky Haley called out Iran and the ayatollahs for how they recruit children.

“The use of child soldiers is a moral outrage that every civilized nation rejects while Iran celebrates it,” she said. “Iran’s economy is increasingly devoted to funding Iranian repression at home and aggression abroad.  In this case, Iranian big business and finance are funding the war crime of using child soldiers.”

“This is crony terrorism,” she added.

The U.S. Treasury recently announced new sanctions against a network of businesses and financial institutions linked to the Basij Resistance Force — a paramilitary volunteer militia  and arm the Revolutionary Guards — which the U.S. says employs child soldiers.

Haley ripped into Iran for using the Basij to recruit children to fight in Syria.

Watch the following clip produced by Saudi news outlet Al Arabiya about how Iran & ISIS recruit children. The images are powerful on their own but you can see a translation below.

The following is a translation of this video:

ISIS and Iran: Their names may be different.  The methods they use to recruit children may be different. But they have a shared purpose.

The Iranian regime suffers from both internal and external criticism due to its participation in the Syrian war in which thousands of Iranian troops have been killed. Iran has framed its battle in Syria as one in the name of religion and is working hard to create another generation that will be convinced to participate in its external wars.

Tehran has produced dozens of films and series for this purpose specifically targeting children. These films call the Iranian fighters in Syria “the protectors of the holy places.”

These “protectors of the holy places” are in fact Iranian militias founded in 2013 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Their purpose is to protect the shrines (holy graves) of Ahl al-Bayt in Iraq and Syria and to wage jihad outside of Iran’s borders.

ISIS also uses the framework of religion to recruit children. Even though children are forbidden to watch TV, ISIS uses stories of honor and victories in a similar way — to recruit children to their “Cubs of the Caliphate” division.

The children are raised with extreme teachings and subjected to military and combat courses so they’ll learn how to use weapons – all while  isolated from their families and society.

Check out the trailer for our upcoming film Jihad Generation about the radicalization of kids by clicking here

Get involved in our campaign: www.ClarionProject.org/PVE
Get involved in our campaign: www.ClarionProject.org/PVE



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