It’s a Crazy, Crazy World out There

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The spread of Islamism worldwide has brought with it a changing reality on the ground. Here are just a few recent stories that caught our attention:


One of the most popular of German’s young comedians may end up in jail for lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a poem he read on TV.

 The possible charges that may be brought against Jan Bohmermann by public prosecutors, who have opened an official investigation into the incident, include insulting a foreign head of state, a crime in Germany punishable by three years in prison. Another two years may be added if the insult is considered deliberate slander.

Whether or not Bohmermann will be charged will be up to Turkey. According to the law, Bohmermann can only be prosecuted if Turkey decides to press charges.


A long-time Israeli ex-pat in Sweden, was openly fired from her position as a teacher for being Jewish. Her principle explained to her, “Most of the Swedish pupils are racists. They hate everybody, but especially Jews, so it could easily be that you will be getting it from them and the Arab pupils. I suggest you seek employment elsewhere, far from schools.”

Commenting on the incident, Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, a Jewish Swedish citizen, said she was “not the least bit surprised.”

Speaking about the fact that Swedish municipalities have begun segregating communal swimming pools because of immigrant men molesting women, Hernroth-Rothstein said, “[This] is how Sweden responds to the violation of human rights and transgression of the Swedish law — it adapts to the perpetrator and abandons the victim, and I see the same thing happening to us Jews in Sweden today.

"Indeed, the teacher in question will likely receive neither a public apology nor compensation, but she is asked to adapt to the perpetrators and accept this reality. There is no excuse for this travesty of justice.” 


An Austrailian father, who blamed the prime minister for his daughter’s radicalization and planned to sue the Australian government, is now waging a legal battle to collect her life-insurance policy. Amira Karroun, 22, became radicalized, married and travelled with her al-Qaeda husband in Syria. She was killed shorted afterwards in the war.

Now her father says he is entitled to her $300,000 life-insurance policy because she was “tricked” into going to Syria. At the time Karroun travelled there, it was not illegal to do so.

The insurance company, backed by the Australian government, formally labeled Karroun a terrorist  due to her ties with al-Qaeda and has refused to pay.

Karroun acquired the policy while working for Sea World.


Saudi Arabian sports authorities have begun cracking down on players whose hairstyles are deemed un-Islamic. A video circulating recenly showed a referee cutting off a mohawk from a player before allowing him on to the field as per official Saudi Football regulations.

AFP reports that the head of kingdom’s youth organization asked that its sport federations and Olympic committee ban the haircuts, known as “qazza.”  Others have spoken out against the phenomenon and urged the football association to “impose sanctions” on individual offenders whose “bizarre haircuts are imitated by their fans in schools.”     

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Meira Svirsky

Meira Svirsky is the editor of ClarionProject.org