Virginia Man Accused of Casing D.C. for Lone Wolf Attacks

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A Virginia man was arrested by the FBI for trying to assist the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) by scoping out targets in the Washington, D.C. area for possible lone-wolf attacks.

Haris Qamar, 25, from Burke, was apprehended in a sting operation where he helped an informant make a video of important landmarks for future terror attacks. As he made the video, the informant recorded Qamar saying “bye-bye D.C., stupid ass kufar, kill ‘em all” and how much he hated the U.S.

Qamar came to the attention of the FBI through his online presence on Twitter where he operated over 60 variations of the handle “newerajihad.” Online, he expressed his support for ISIS and shared gruesome videos and photos of their extreme violence and brutality, including beheadings and mass shootings.

After the Paris attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, Qamar tweeted his prayer for another attack with even more casualties. During numerous conversations with the informant, Qamar allegedly said he could slaughter someone and described how he would do it. He went on to state that he admired lone wolf attackers because the perpetrators love Islam so much that they are willing to die as martyrs for it.

When the informant said he said that he did not believe in suicide bombings, Qamar allegedly  responded by saying, “I believe in it 100 percent.”

Qamar had planned to join ISIS and had bought a ticket to Istanbul. However, his parents found out and confiscated his passport and threatened to notify law enforcement authorities. He told the informant that he had fought with his father and called his father a traitor to Islam.

According to the allegations, the informant asked Qamar if his father gave him back his passport would he go and join the Islamic State.  Qamar responded by saying, “I’m done, I leave.”

Qamar faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison if convicted.

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Meira Svirsky

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