Violent Extremism Isn’t an ‘Over There’ Problem

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California backyard (Illustrative photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC1.0)
California backyard (Illustrative photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC1.0)

Violent extremism is often seen as an “over there” problem, something that other people have to do deal with. Yet, violent extremism today can come into our lives and impact it just as quickly and devastatingly has any other issue. For millions of American mothers, violent extremism is a part of their daily lives now every time they send their children off to school.

“It’s the fear I have every single day and it touches on little decisions I make. I had to buy my kid a winter jacket and we wanted the bright red one, but I thought, ‘Will this make him a target for a school shooter?’ This is our life now and somehow it became something we think about and I feel like we’re not doing enough about it.”

The United Nations video below shares how violent extremism has — in one form or another — carried through the decades, even within our lifetime, and well before social media pivoted it to the front and center of our attention. We have an opportunity in our generation to do something about violent extremism so no other generation has to suffer from it.

Find out what you can do to Prevent Violent Extremism by clicking here


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