Video: Clarion Helps Restore Nineveh Christian Cemetery

Tel Keppe cemetery in Iraq's Nineveh Plains (Photo: Shlama.org)
Tel Keppe cemetery in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains (Photo: Shlama.org)

Thanks to your amazing support, together we just helped restore a Christian cemetery in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains that was destroyed as ISIS made its way across Iraq and Syria. Together we are showing the Islamist world we will not be defeated.

As part of our campaign around the Clarion film Faithkeepers, we created a fund for you to make donations to help minority victims of ISIS and other Islamist radicals. One of the recipients of your charitable acts, The Shlama Foundation, just restored the Tel Keppe cemetery, with the help of your donations. Among the items purchased: cement, a generator for the attached church, new crosses, a water well and many more items.

Here’s a film showing more of how you helped:



The area was taken back from ISIS in 2017 allowing Christians to return to their ancient homeland.



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