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We asked you whether the best policy for stopping Islamists is to arrest or vaporize them. An overwhelming 85 percent said vaporize in our poll, the remained opting for arrests.

Take a look at our video on the subject and then you can see viewer comments on our poll below:



Your Comments:

We must ensure that no terrorist believes they will continue to live if they commit violent acts in the US/Europe.

Because they don’t deserve a Trial or any attention, only that they were Vaped!

If your goal is to take lives, your life is no longer your right to have.

Actually, the Israeli way: intelligence, investigations, arrests, and when an attack occurs, demolitions and airstrikes.

Dead men don’t terrorize.

Arrest -> Intel -> (torture if necessary) -> Intel -> Intel -> Kill (vaporize poor synonym – it is KILL)

We need to vaporize the terrorist. When jailed they continue to radicalize others and become a symbol for propaganda.

These terrorist take advantage of the democracy USA offers. They know that when arrested they will appear in front of a judge with some attorney to defend them. So, effectively they might get away with it or spend a few years in a federal prison where they will be fed, get free health care and recruit more terrorists. This, they don’t enjoy in Russia. In Russia they will be killed without mercy. So they think 100 time before getting involved in any act of terrorism.

Kill all the cancer cells or they will metastasize and kill us.

Actually, both but that was not an option. If a suspect was actually involved in terror tactics such as making bombs, murder, etc., and has a history of it, then put them down for good, however, if they are young and new to a terror group, then they should be given some help along with legal punishment. We should not be forced to support the very people who try to destroy our way of life and freedom in general.



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