US Versus Iranian Military Might

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In light of the threats to the U.S. made by Iran after the U.S. assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani (head of the the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), Clarion Project thought it useful to revisit videos made by U.S. State Department and CNN Arabic comparing US versus Iranian military might.

Take a look at a comparison of US versus Iranian air power:

The following chart is a quick translation of the clip:

The State Department Arabic-language division also released agitprop videos clips at the time dissing Iranian military might. The clip below shows how Iran continually deceives the world, showing off various military equipment as if the equipment is new, state-of-the-art Iranian inventions.

For example, the clip shows a fighter jet which Iran claims to have newly manufactured. Yet, in reality, it turned out to be an American F-5, which was originally designed in the late 1950s.

Another photo shows Iran unveiling a “new” fighter jet in 2013. This one turned out to be a toy that never flew. Yet another photo shows a helicopter Iran supposedly manufactured in 2010. The helicopter was really an America Cobra with a few modifications. The Cobra was invented in 1967.

In a second clip (see below), the State Department showed how Iran claimed that it manufactured an air defense system to target missiles and drones. The system turned out to be the Austrian Sky Guard system that many armed forces in the world possess.


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