US Troops in Afghanistan: Your Poll Results

U.S. soldiers
U.S. soldiers (Photo: YURI DYACHYSHYN / AFP / Getty Images)


Earlier this month we asked for your views on the U.S. decision to send a further 3,000 soldiers to Afghanistan. This in addition to the 8,000 already there.

Asked “should Trump send more troops to Afghanistan?” 58 percent of you replied no and 42% said yes.

Here are some of the comments you posted when voting:

“Get out of harms way.”

“Not unless there is a full understanding of complete and utter defeat of the enemy – that means a plan of all plans and support from allies first and foremost.”

“If they are necessary to win and destroy the enemy then it should be done. He should listen to his generals and do what they advise. War is a job for the military not for politicians and there is no worse war than one that drags on endlessly. Give the generals all the resources they need to do their job as best they can.”

“Stop throwing our blood and treasure at an unrealistic task!”

“Either he sends 300,000 or none. Better yet – get the hell out and call it two decades…”

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We back terrorists when they fought the Russians now we fight the groups that we backed and do you not think that our enemies will not do the same thing that we did and back those whom we are now fighting! Can’t win that kind of fight.”

“The general who advised this needs to be ‘swamped’ out of Donald’s advisers…”

“We should send enough special operations troops to Afghanistan to contain and eliminate any threat to the U.S. However, any effort to reform the Afghan government is a waste of time. Remember the national sport of Afghanistan is buzkashi.”



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