U.S. Brotherhood Front Group Works for Islamization in Bosnia

Nazry Bahrawi writes in the Guardian that the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity based in Virginia, is involved in the Islamization of “Bosnia’s higher-education sector.” The Clarion Project has reported on how IIIT has partnered with U.S. universities. In addition, one of its officials said that the U.S. government and military are terrorists.

Bahrawi describes IIIT as a “U.S.-based non-profit organization working towards Islamizing ‘secular’ spheres. It was first set up with seed funding from the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The organization is working with the International Islamic University of Malaysia to Islamize Bosnia, where IIIT has an office. They are apparently making progress, he writes, as Islamism gains traction over Sufism and reformism.

IIIT is working with a Bosnian cleric named Mustafa Ceric to establish a new Islamic university.

According to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, Ceric is a member of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, which is led by Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousef al-Qaradawi, though he seems to disagree with Qaradawi on some issues. Ceric has also worked with the Radical Middle Way, a UK-based group that is “comprised of a wide range of associated scholars representing the global Muslim Brotherhood.”

He has also met with Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, where Ceric reportedly said “Turkey is our Mother. That’s how it was always, and it will remain like that.”

A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo, which lists IIIT as a front, says its “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…”

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood narrative is that Islam can be presented as a “civilization alternative.” Rather than integrating into society, Islam is the framework for society and that includes having its own economic system.

An article published on July 9 says that “the first and most comprehensive model of Islamic economy in modern times was published by Dr. M. Umer Chapra.” His book “stated that a new system needs to be considered which could optimize human wellbeing and presented an Islamic model of economy” that is an alternative to capitalism, Marxism, socialism and other economic systems.

The publisher of this pivotal text in for the Islamist “civilization alternative” was published in 1990 by IIIT. That’s around the same time as the 1991 memo referenced above.

That mission hasn’t changed. Whether it’s promoting Chapra’s Islamic economic system or Ceric’s Islamic education in Bosnia, IIIT is pursuing the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s “civilization alternative.”


Ryan Mauro is the ClarionProject.org’s National Security Analyst, a fellow with the Clarion Project and is frequently interviewed on Fox News.

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